Speed Governors (Fuel Management System)

This Speed Limiter is based on the Fuel management system, which controls the vehicle’s speed based on the amount of fuel. It is made up of a Speed Sensor, an Electronic Control Unit (ECU), and a Solenoid Valve. It is mounted between the fuel pump and the fuel filter. Any speed can be programmed into the ECU. Speed Sensor is installed between the odometer cable’s lower end and the gearbox. As the vehicle begins to move, the odometer cable begins to rotate. The Speed Sensor generates a train of output pulses that are transmitted to the ECU via cable. When the subsequent output of the solenoid is generated, the flow of fuel is regulated to maintain the specified speed. This process continues throughout the duration of the journey. This speed limiter is suitable for all large diesel-powered vehicles, including tractors, trailers, and other vehicles with GVW exceeding 3.5 tonnes.

Cable Mechanism System

A Speed Limiter is a device used to control the vehicle’s speed. It consists primarily of the ECU, which receives signals from the accelerator pedal and ecu regarding throttle position and engine rpm and synchronises these signals to provide throttle output so as to propel the vehicle at the predetermined speed. This system is so small and simple to instal that a person with the proper harness can do so in under ten minutes. We designed it using cutting-edge technology, and it is compatible with all vehicle categories M1, M2, N1, and N2 with  electronic pedals. This system is compatible with all vehicles equipped with a can bus system and Electronic Pedal.

Potential Switching Management System -“PMS (MASL-3050A) (Fly By Wire)

Speed Limiter is a device that used to control the speed of the Vehicle. It primarily consists of a Speed Sensor, an Electronic Control Unit, and a Wiring Harness. As the name suggests, it can be installed in any vehicle with a potentiometric accelerator pedal, regardless of the  vehicle’s fuel type (diesel, LPG, CNG, or petrol). The fuel type of the vehicle does not affect the system’s performance. This system is so compact that it can be installed anywhere within the vehicle’s cabin in close proximity to the accelerator pedal. This system was created and developed using cutting-edge technology and potential voltage switching. This system is suitable for all commercial vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles, i.e. M1, N1 and M2, N2 categories, and can be installed in any commercial or public transportation vehicle where it is required to be installed.

Speed Sensors

Producing and distributing automatic transmission solenoids and speed sensors. Due to our expertise in this industry, we are able to provide our clients with a superior selection of Speed Sensor. This sensor measures the speed of a vehicle. The offered sensor is designed in accordance with predetermined industry standards using the most recent engineering concepts and quality assured materials. Before delivering this sensor to the end user, our quality auditors evaluate it against a variety of quality metrics.

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